Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Cookies are a technology that allows a website provider to temporarily write and store data on a user's computer through a web browser. This allows for the exchange of information between the user's web browser and the Company's server. Cookies may be provided not only by the Company, but also by third parties affiliated with the Company (the former are called "first-party cookies" and the latter "third-party cookies").

Cookies facilitate the smooth operation and use of websites by storing the user's login information, display preferences, and language selection, among others. Retrieving this stored information saves the user time on his/ her subsequent visits to the site. However, no specific personal information is collected by the Company's cookies.

Use of cookies

On the Company's website (the "Site"), cookies are used to identify the user's device and as an important element in providing services for the following purposes.

To respect user privacy, with the exception of some cookies, the Site enables users to determine whether to accept the use of cookies. However, if users reject the use of necessary cookies, some of the functions of the Site may be limited. The Company is not responsible for any inconvenience caused by this.

Essential cookies

The Site uses essential cookies to ensure proper operation. These cookies are used automatically without obtaining users' consent and do not collect any personally identifiable information.

If you disable these cookies from your browser settings, some of the functions and services of the Site may not function properly. We assume no responsibility in such cases.

Performance cookies

The Site uses performance cookies to provide optimal services. Performance cookies allow us to accurately assess the number of visitors to the Site and traffic sources, and use this information to optimize the Site's performance.

All information collected by these cookies is compiled and is not used to identify individuals. If you reject the use of these cookies, it will be difficult for us to understand your Site usage history and usage trends.

Cookies in use

The Company uses the following cookies. Information collected by cookies (IP addresses, device information, access information, user agents, advertising ID, etc.) is managed in accordance with the privacy policy and other regulations stipulated by each cookie provider.

Purpose of use

Understanding the site usage to improve services: We use these cookies to understand the use of the services provided by the Site to improve and better tailor the services to the interests and needs of customers.

Advertising cookies

Ad distribution using cookies: The Company utilizes the advertising services (display ads, remarketing, retargeting functions) of ad distribution companies to distribute notices (ads) to past visitors to the Site when they visit certain websites. We use advertising cookies to obtain information on the users' history of visits to the Site.

To delete or disable browser cookies

The Site uses cookies to improve user experience and optimize services. By changing the web browser setting of their devices, users can restrict the use of cookies or delete cookies already stored on their devices.

If you wish to disable the collection of cookies by Google Analytics, please click on the link below to change your web browser settings.

The Company may update the Cookie Policy as necessary. If you use the Site after the Cookie Policy has been revised, then the revised Cookie Policy will apply to your use of the Site. * If you change your web browser setting to restrict the use of cookies, all or some of the services on the Site may not function properly. In such cases, we assume no responsibility whatsoever.

Formulated 20, October , 2023

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