Sustainability Initiatives

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M&A Capital Partners will promote the advancement of the Japanese economy and address social issues to contribute to creating a sustainable future.

M&A Capital Partners Co.,Ltd. President Satoru Nakamura

M&A Capital Partners President and Representative Director Satoru Nakamura

We, M&A Capital Partners, are a group of true professionals that provide amicable M&A intermediary services, specialized in small and midsize companies, by paying close attention and sincerely responding to the resolves of business owners. The number of companies in Japan continues to decline due to the absence of successors and the aging of owner-managers. According to data from a private research firm*, as many as 56,103 companies are forced to close or dissolve their business each year. Business succession is not only a major issue that cannot be avoided by owner-managers, but resolving this issue is also a key to building a sustainable society, in terms of maintaining growth of the domestic economy and protecting employment.

  • "I want to take the company to the next level of growth and pass the business on to the next generation"
  • "I want to provide our employees with a better, more stable life and opportunities to thrive"
  • "I don't have a successor, but I want to keep the company going to protect employees"

We will pay close attention to such wishes of owner-managers, and accompany them through a seamless M&A process with an optimal partner (buyer). In doing so, we will promote the advancement of the Japanese economy and resolve social issues, thereby contributing to building a sustainable future. *Source: Teikoku Databank, "National Survey of Business Suspension and Dissolution Trends (2020)"

M&A Capital Partners' sustainability initiatives

Through our commitment to "fair M&A," we will contribute to creating a sustainable society and fulfill our social responsibility.

Sustainability Initiatives


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are shared goals for the international community to create a more sustainable world, adopted at the UN Sustainable Development Sumit held in September 2015.
There are 17 goals in SDGs.

Fair M&A

In our M&A intermediary services, we provide impartial and fair advice to both the seller and buyer client companies. We are committed to carrying out "fair M&A" that put the clients' interests first at all times. In order to realize fair M&A, we strive to bring the parties involved, the seller and the buyer company, to an agreement through sincere, earnest discussions, and provide thorough M&A advisory services to help clients reach an agreement, in compliance with the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency's "M&A Guidance for SMEs" and our own Code of Conduct.

Materiality (material issues)

We will directly address material issues in our M&A advisory business, and contribute to building a sustainable society.

  • SDGs goals No.1
  • SDGs goals No.3
  • SDGs goals No.8
  • SDGs goals No.9
  • SDGs goals No.11
  • SDGs goals No.16
  • SDGs goals No.17

At a Board of Directors meeting held in November 2021, we identified key sustainability issues (materiality) from an ESG perspective. We will directly tackle these material issues primarily through our M&A advisory business and contribute to realizing a sustainable society.

  • SDGs goals No.1
  • SDGs goals No.3

End poverty everywhere, and ensure healthy lives for all.

Through supporting business succession M&A, ensure business continuity and continued employment rooted in a stable foundation.

Income, which is crucial for living a healthy and cultured life, hinges on stable employment.

By supporting business succession M&A of small and midsize companies, we protect industries and ensure continued employment. Further, synergies created by M&A contribute to the further growth and development of the seller and buyer companies.

  • SDGs goals No.9
  • SDGs goals No.11

Build a base for infrastructure and technological innovation, and develop sustainable human settlements.
Foster the development of industries through synergistic M&A, and support M&A nationwide to contribute to local economies.

Through synergies created by M&A, the buyer and the seller company can expect to expand their sales areas, complement each other's technologies and develop new products, and stabilize their financial bases and enhance financing capabilities. By supporting more "fair M&A" concluded on friendly terms through sincere and earnest discussions between the parties involved, we will contribute to the advancement of the Japanese economy. Rather than focusing solely on the Greater Tokyo area, we intend to pursue projects involving small and midsize companies supporting regional economies in particular to pass on the regional businesses and ensure employment for the next generation, with the aim of contributing to the sustainable growth of regional economies.

  • SDGs goals No.16

Maintain a robust system of governance structure as one of the industry's leading companies.

In order to maintain the independence and objectivity of the Board of Directors, we will ensure that the Board is composed of sufficient outside directors and that it effectively supervises management. We will also ensure appropriate and efficient business execution by the Board, by increasing the transparency of its decision-making.

  • SDGs goals No.17

Work together in partnership to achieve goals Fulfill social responsibilities through cooperation with government agencies, and contribute to increasing sustainability by facilitating business succession.

To prevent the closure or dissolution of about 600,000 profitable businesses in 10 years through 2025, a goal set forth by the SME Agency, we will directly contribute to achieving this goal by supporting business succession through M&A, and actively cooperate with government initiatives, as we did for the development of M&A Guidelines for SMEs. Further, in collaboration with four other listed M&A intermediaries, we founded the M&A Intermediaries Association, and through collaboration with industry peers, including the cofounders of the association, we will contribute to the sound development of the M&A intermediary industry overall.

ESG Management Strategies

Aiming to be the world's leading investment bank, seeking maximum contributions to clients and the happiness of all employees

ESG Initiatives

To embody our management philosophy stated above, we believe we need to pursue sustainability through consideration for the environment, contribution to society, and optimal governance. Based on our management philosophy, we have established and implemented basic ESG policies with the aim of remaining a company that is indispensable to society.


As part of our corporate responsibility, we will comply with the environmental laws and regulations and endorse relevant guidelines to cooperate with the initiatives aimed at reducing the risk of climate change through decarbonization and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


Through our M&A advisory business, we will serve as an infrastructure to enhance the sustainability of the Japanese society as a whole, by addressing the issue of the lack of successors facing small and midsize companies that support the Japanese economy. By bringing to success as many amicable M&A deals as possible, we will support efforts to protect the employment of employees in a financially stable environment and to maintain and pass on the value added created by technologies owned by various companies, with the goals of resolving social issues and maximizing social value. Further, to facilitate "fair M&A," we will maintain a work place that enables talented individuals to work safely and with peace of mind and that generates high levels of employee engagement by supporting growth and self-realization.


As a company trusted by stakeholders, we will strive to increase corporate value in a stable and sustainable manner and ensure management transparency from an external perspective. Further, we will reinforce compliance and risk management to maintain a robust corporate structure.
ESG Initiatives
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